The Clerisy Society is a literary book club that has met at the Faculty Club every third Thursday from September to June since 1998. Its founders were Professor Emeritus Ralph Garber and Eileen Garber. Both remain members of the Faculty Club and the book club today. The club has always maintained a cap on enrolment – to maintain the quality of the discussions - and a determination to secure a reasonable gender balance among its members. Members are mainly retired or semi-retired.

The book club focuses on fiction, though memoirs, biographies, and other non-fictional works have engaged the group from time to time. All members are expected to present a book and to read the books presented by others. We rely on members to suggest books that have aroused their enthusiasm; many members, however, consult the group before finalizing a choice.

The club is open to applications from Faculty Club members, subject to the restriction on total memberships and the effort to attain gender balance. Please send applications to the current chair, Professor Emeritus Richard Sandbrook, c/o Ms Leanne Pepper, manager of the Faculty Club.