Etiquette Seminars

Etiquette Protocol Training and Dress for Success Seminars

Leanne Pepper
General Manager of the Faculty Club, University of Toronto
Etiquette and Protocol Consultant

Leanne was trained and certified by The Protocol School of Washington®, Washington, D.C. Certifications include training for business executives, young adults, and children in dining skills, protocol, etiquette, and communication skills.

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Tips for College Grads on the Job Hunt

  • Clean up your virtual image. Delete all inappropriate photos and text from social networking sites, including your friends’ sites. Replace with more professional photos, 1-2 page resume and 2-3 references (from summer jobs or internships).

  • Dress like a professional. Wear a neutral colored suit. Ties and polished shoes for men, closed-toe shoes, traditional jewelry, and some make-up for women (employers view a little make-up as professional). Also, don’t show too much skin. It’s employers #1 complaint.

  • Research the company. Know their history, vision, and recent press.

  • Turn off your cell phone. A ringing or vibrating phone is distracting.

  • Don’t arrive too early. More than 10 minutes early shows anxiety. Being late could cost you the job.

  • Make direct eye contact. Hold eye contact 40-60% of the time, shake hands making firm web-to-web contact (when meeting and leaving), and maintain straight (not too stiff) posture.

  • Write a thank-you note. Spend five minutes “writing” a thank-you note on quality white or ecru colored paper and boost your hiring chances by 20%. Send it within 24 hours of the interview.


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Dine Like a Diplomat

We will teach you dining skills vital to every occasion in which business may be promoted or conducted:

  • World-class Entertaining

  • Guest and Host/Hostess Duties

  • Place Setting Maps

  • Eating Various Foods

  • American and Continental Styles of Eating

  • The Silent Service Code

  • Japanese Style of Eating

  • Dining Decorum

  • Toasting

  • Dining Dos and Don'ts


How to Succeed in the International Arena

We will teach you the non-technical strategies and tactics to compete in an economy that demands mental flexibility and alertness through the following components:

  • Pre-meeting Strategy

  • Rank and Status

  • Forms of Address

  • Business Card Savvy

  • Business Introductions

  • Eye Contact

  • Handshaking

  • Communication Styles

  • Working a Room

  • Impress Clients and Counterparts by Knowing Their Culture

  • Gestures That Are Offensive in Certain Cultures

  • Effective Gift Giving

  • Rehearsal Techniques

  • Present an International Image

  • Strategic Do's and Don'ts

Business Etiquette

Today in the fiercely competitive business arenas, etiquette is simply another tool you need. While etiquette alone won't get you anywhere, it will give you that extra edge that will make the difference between you and another person who is just as smart. Business Etiquette for Today will empower you to present yourself with confidence and authority by instructing you on the following critical topics:

  • Communication Skills

  • How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room

  • Handshaking

  • The Ultimate Greeting

  • Introducing Yourself and Others

  • Forms of Address

  • Eye Contact

  • Rising to the Occasion

  • Conversation Skills

  • Nonverbal Communications

  • Business Arena Communications

  • Total Quality in the Business Arena

  • Additional Timely Tips to Help You Outclass the Competition 

    City Life Magazine - Etiquette 101 'Holiday Etiquette' Do's and Don'ts Article

    'Manners are Fashionable'  an article by Amber Watkins


"The sooner you begin to master the art of good etiquette, the sooner you can expect success in your professional life." In Leanne Pepper's new book, she concisely yet readably covers all the basics of etiquette, providing the skills and strategies that will help you shine at networking events, job interviews, meetings with potential business partners, dinners with clients, and negotiations with colleagues and superiors. 

Participants' Feedback:

"Leanne is a Master of Etiquette - national newspapers, business schools and major corporations turn to her to educate their current and future leaders. I was fortunate enough that my college at the University of Toronto asked Leanne to speak at a dinner I attended and a career long mentoring relationship was formed. I became a student of etiquette and networking thanks to Leanne, most of my career opportunities and skills were born from her expert education. She has influenced thousands, is a gift to the University of Toronto and the impeccable Faculty Club is a testament to the team she has put together. Leanne, my eternal gratitude."
Paul Nazareth

"I am Utkarsh Roy, who came to talk to you at the end of today's session of Etiquette Lunch. I would like to tell you that I enjoyed the session a lot. You were amazing. I had always wanted to be part of such a workshop and I learnt a lot from you today. I am glad that I could attend. I hope to attend future sessions by you."
Utkarsh Roy

"I just wanted to take a moment to circle back and thank you for hosting our Business Etiquette Dinner yesterday evening and for providing such a wonderful presentation with so much useful information on dining etiquette. Speaking from my experience, and in reviewing the students survey comments, I think everything we learned can and will be integrated into our lives personally and professionally – we owe that all to you, Leanne!"
Leahann Renaud 

"I attended the High Tea and Etiquette Lesson last Friday and wanted to thank-you for a lovely afternoon. The Faculty Club is a beautiful venue and the meal was delicious. I particulary enjoyed the etiquette lesson and appreciated the helpful tips for appropriate comportment at social functions. The plate-glass-napkin strategy for receptions will be very useful!"
Kim Brophy 

"Thank you for running another great workshop. The students and young alumni left with some great tips that will no doubt carry them a long way when it comes to job interviews and client relations."
Karen Papzian

"Thank you for the etiquette session last night. It has been one of the most useful events I have been to in a while!"

"Thank you for a great session last Friday. We received positive feedback from the students. Overall, they thought it was a very good session and they appreciated the many useful tips around dining and informal conversations. Some direct quotes are 'small talk tips/breaking into conversation was very useful','Great review of dinner etiquette', 'This was a great session'. The program came at the perfect time seeing that our festive party is fast approaching."

Osler, Hoskin and Harcourt Articling Students

"I attended your etiquette course and thought it was fantastic! Much much better than I expected."

"Thank you for coming to speak with us this morning. Your presentation provided us with important information that I am sure will be put to good use throughout our careers."
Kimberley Farris

"I have had some early feedback regarding your Dining Etiquette seminar and I quote directly "fabulous instructor and fabulous food!". Thank you for creating such a memorable event for everyone in our group! "

"I like to thank you for your valuable advice of business etiquette and the wonderful dinner. It was my pleasure to participate your seminar tonight. You have clarified many questions I have for a long time. Also appreciate for your patient and effort of explaining. Now I can go to a formal business meal with confidence and I believe that my future career will benefit from your tips."
Elvis Shen 

"I just want to say that it was my pleasure to be in your company in the Vic Etiquette Seminar this evening. I thoroughly enjoyed all the tips you gave us including answering my questions of whether to write: we met at...on the back of business cards and whether to put down my knife before eating my bread piece. I think the seminar was one of the best seminars I have been in since being an alumus at U of T and I know the tips will help me in social situations."
Michelle Kam 

"I am writing to thank you once again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and talk at our Dress for Success event. Despite the weather, we had a good turnout and all those who attended really learned a lot from your presentation. I hope that we will be able to have an event just as successful as this one next year."
Vidula Shetye 

"On behalf of the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, I would like to express our appreciation to you for participating in the Careers Week 2008 program. The kick off event was the etiquette dinner on Monday and it proved to be a very memorable one for the MIRHR students. The feedback from those who attended was extremely positive and the students are already enthusiastic about arranging the session again next year. You made a strong impression on them and they recognize how important these skills are to their careers."
Deborah Campbell

"Thank you very much for an outstanding series of seminars, namely the Dress for Success and Dining Etiquette tutorials. The feedback from students, faculty, staff and alumni has been tremendous. From the lesson, the location and the food, tonight's lesson in particular was very much appreciated. Thank you for your great effort! We look forward to returning next year."
Liam Mitchell 

"Thank you so much for your note. The children and I had a wonderful time - truly an experience to cherish. The information and guidance you shared was most informative and helpful. I know that the children thoroughly enjoyed the evening and found it to be most beneficial. I will be sure to pass your contact information along to other interested parents. Once again, thank you for a most enjoyable educational dinner."

"I just wanted to thank you very much again for the etiquette training session with the IOS students. We received only positive comments about the event."
Emanuel Istrate 

"It was a pleasure meeting you, too. We all really enjoyed and appreciated the advice you gave us on Thursday. Feedback was very positive -- many students commented that they learned a lot of practical tips and gained a new appreciation of etiquette. Thanks again for your wonderful contribution to our conference."
Angela Hood 

"Yesterday my church gave my wife and I tickets to an expensive fundraising dinner in Toronto. We didn't know it was formal until we got there. As a representative of UofT I'm used to being thrown into these situations. My wife, who noted to me after that, if not for the etiquette dinner (that she went to when we were students) she would have been really embarrassed. Most people think they'd never use these skills but you never know when they'll come in handy."

"The presentations and format for Etiquette in an Instant were very well received. I think everybody learned a lot - and, most importantly, everybody had fun. It was an excellent corporate event but also one that I could conceive being a unique social event. Thanks again for a fun evening.
I hope we will have the opportunity to do this again."
Rob Richards

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