Departmental Membership

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The Faculty Club is the ideal on-campus location for conducting business, for entertaining visiting guests, for hosting conferences, and indeed for all special occasions. With the new look of the main lounge, upper dining room, and Primrose Room, you will impress your colleagues and guests. The Club is offering a business-oriented departmental / divisional membership that provides executives, deans, chairs, principals, directors, and authorized staff with the tools to manage expenditures in a professional and accountable manner. The business is all taken care of by using your departmental / divisional card.

A departmental / divisional account can be set up very simply by completing the attached form. In this way, the department / division becomes a non-voting member of the Faculty Club, not the individual. Transactions are invoiced to the department / division – all of the University’s business rules can be complied with and expenditures monitored. The department /division is responsible for all charges incurred on this account. There is no membership fee for the account, only for charges incurred on the account.

To qualify, the department / divisional head completes the form in the same manner as commercial credit accounts are arranged. Invoices are prepared for each transaction, detailing the charges. Invoices can be paid when received or with a monthly statement. Details of expenditures on the account will be provided. For convenience, cash and credit or debit cards may also be used at the time of the transaction. It is anticipated that business officers and office administrators will be the contact persons for the account. Please provide the name of the person to contact for the account. The card must be presented for ad hoc dining in the Club. Prearranged events will be confirmed with the contact person.

We will provide additional cards at no extra charge. Unique additional cards can be set up by identity of the user and with a letter added to the account number, i.e. X ###a. This helps with identifying which card was used and assists with accountability. Arrangements can be made to issue new cards or to cancel existing cards by email.

Members are able to book a table or arrange an event on line. Members are also be able to check their account to see a detailed receipt of transactions. With the guidance of our new assistant general manager, Pierre-Michel Le Bouedec, we have improved the quality of food and service. Plans are underway to renew the patio and to provide mobility assistance on the stairs to persons who request it. We will leave your guest with a lasting impression that your Faculty Club is the best in North America.

We welcome you to take advantage of this opportunity to keep your department’s / divison’s business within the University community. If you have any questions, please contact the General Manager, Leanne Pepper at 416 978-6399.