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Thank you for your interest in joining The Faculty Club at the University of Toronto, located in the heart of downtown Toronto. The Faculty Club building was founded in 1907 as the Primrose Club, a private meeting place for business and professional men. The Primrose Club remained at 41 Willcocks until 1959 when the University of Toronto acquired the building for its new Faculty Club.

Prior to creation of The Faculty Club, male and female members of the University`s Faculty Union customarily met separately – the men at Hart House and the much smaller contingent of women at the University Women’s Club on St. George Street. On the insistence of some professors, including German scholar Barker Fairley and his wife, Margaret, who offered the Club a large collection of original Group of Seven works on the condition that The Faculty Club welcome women as members, The Faculty Club opened its doors in the summer of 1960 to faculty and senior administrators of both genders. This impressive collection of Group of Seven art is open for public viewing in the elegant Fairley Lounge on the main floor of the building.

For more than sixty years, The Faculty Club has served as an important social centre for the University of Toronto community, including faculty, administrative staff, alumni, and has been one of the most successful university faculty clubs in Canada and North America. The Faculty Club is the ideal on-campus location for conducting business, for entertaining visiting guests, for hosting conferences, and indeed for all special occasions.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Club.

Alex Maggiacomo
Executive Director
The Faculty Club of the University of Toronto


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Joint Membership Plan - (JMP)

  • The Joint Membership Plan offers a combined and discounted membership fee for The Faculty Club, Hart House and Athletic Centre that is also subsidized by the University of Toronto as an employee and pensioner benefit.
  • JMP members pay a monthly discounted fee either as a payroll deduction similar to other employee benefits, or through pre-payment options for pensioners.
  • Employees should send a request through the HR service center to their Dvisional HR office.


Voting Member 

  • Currently employed faculty or appointed staff of the University of Toronto.
  • Retired faculty or appointed staff of the University of Toronto.
  • Alumni of the University of Toronto.
  • New voting members receive 50% discount the first 12 months of membership.


  • President’s Circle.
  • Associate Patrons, who shall be those individuals that have been sponsored  by a Member to be a Patron of the Corporation.
  • Special Patrons, who shall be those individuals, or individuals belonging to specified organizations or administrative units of the University of Toronto (approved by the Board of Directors).
  • Spousal Patrons, who shall be those individuals whose spouse or common- law partner is a Member of the Corporation or Patron of the Corporation.
  • University Women’s Club Patrons, who shall be those individuals that are members in good standing of the University Women’s Club of Toronto.
  • Senior College Patrons, who shall be those individuals that are members in good standing of the University of Toronto’s Senior College.
  • New Patrons receive 50% discount the first 12 months of membership.

Graduate Students & Recent Alumni

  • Graduate students are eligible for this category until status is obtained.
  •  Recent alumni are those who have graduated within the last twelve months.

Retirees (Both Member and Patron) 

  • Applicant must be a full retiree to qualify.

Community Patron 

  • Any individual interested in joining that does not meet any of the above categories.

Corporate Patron 

  • Membership must be in the corporation's name. Allows up to four individuals to use the 
  • One corporation account for fees abd charges.
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Here is what our members have to say:

The Faculty Club is a business secret on campus. As a mentor to students and young alumni I always mention it's THE place to start a conversation, build a relationship or close a deal both in the pub and restaurant. I used it as a staff member in pursuit of support for the university and continue to do in my work and life. Business (clients, sales, networking) or pleasure (weddings, celebrations, keeping in touch) the club does the work to make you shine and help you succeed. There are so many events held by the club to help you, it was like business development training wheels! I also include that a big part of my professional success can all be traced back to Leanne's seminars on etiquette at my college when I was a student! Thanks Leanne and the faculty club for supporting alumni in our careers and lives! - Paul Nazareth

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